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The purpose of Cottonwood Veterinary Center, P.C. is to protect the

health of companion animals and nurture the human-animal bond.

Preventative care Dental care Preventative care

Conveniently open 6 days a week

Cottonwood Veterinary Center is open on all weekdays and also on Saturday mornings. This gives pet owners easy access to our veterinary office.  Appointments are often available on the same day you call.  Don't let a busy schedule interfere with your pet's health care!

The most important part of preventative care is the annual physical exam. At that time, we can detect problems and recommend treatments to head off potential issues. It's essential that older pets be examined twice a year.


We can also discuss screening for heartworm and intestinal parasites, proper nutrition, and vaccinations.

Preventative care

Good dental care can enhance the quality of life of your pets. Without regular exams, they could be hiding serious tartar buildup, gum disease, broken teeth, or even painful mouth tumors. There may be no symptoms, perhaps just noticeable bad breath. We have a digital dental X-ray machine that gives us valuable diagnostic capabilities.

Dental care

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"I believe you cannot put a price tag on the value of quality pet care. If you are seeking the

utmost attention to detail,

skilled docs and an incredible staff...look no further than CVC. For many years now, this clinic has been a blessing to our family. Love your pets? Give them a

visit - you'll never regret it."

- Thomas O. on Facebook

When pets develop a bad behavior, it may be due to a hidden medical condition. The first step in modifying the behavior is to have them physically examined. Even if their health is great, we can help you with behavior modification techniques or even medications in certain cases. Don't let a bad habit come between you and your pet!

Behavior counseling

Many pet health issues can be addressed with nutritional therapy. We offer high-quality prescription diets to keep your pet in the best possible condition. They'll help your animals be healthy and well nourished. From weight control to diabetes, we address all kinds of issues.

Nutritional therapy

With our well-stocked veterinary pharmacy, we can provide immediate treatment for almost any condition. Unlike Internet pharmacies, our heartworm and flea preventatives come directly from the manufacturer and are guaranteed by the manufacturer. When you buy from us, we have our staff double check the dosing and we can show you how to administer the medication as well. You are also supporting a locally owned business.


We are dedicated to providing the very best in veterinary medical care. We offer onsite radiology (X-rays), ultrasound, cytology (microscopic cell exam), blood and urine analysis to help us make an accurate diagnosis. When necessary, we also use an outside diagnostic lab.

Internal medicine

Cottonwood Veterinary Center has a well-equipped operating room. All our staff members are well trained. Our service ranges from neutering to major soft tissue and orthopedic repairs. Our doctors practice "aseptic technique," which requires a surgical scrub, sterile gloves and a gown, and a cap and mask. Our equipment includes:

• Isoflurane anesthesia machines

• Blood pressure and pulse oximetry monitoring equipment

• Circulating water warming blanket

• Electrocautery device

• Autoclave sterilized surgical instruments